Community Suicide Prevention Training


SafeTALK is listed in the Suicide Prevention Resources Best Practices Registry in the US.
I am a SafeTALK certified trainer and can provide training
to help make your organization and community suicide safer.
The Certification Workshops last 3-4hrs.
I can provide this service for free.
Contact me for more information.

Suicide is preventable.
Anyone can make a difference. Attend the half-day safeTALK program and learn to:

  • identify people who may have thoughts of suicide,
  • ask them directly about the possibility of suicide, then
  • connect them to live-saving resources.

safeTALK is open to anyone 15 or older, regardless of prior experience. Both professionals and members of the general public can benefit from safeTALK.

Why take safeTALK?

LIFE-SAVING: Anyone can experience thoughts of suicide. By connecting friends, family members, colleagues, and students with helping resources, safeTALK participants save lives in their communities.

SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE: safeTALK uses the easy-to-follow TALK steps—Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe— and includes time to practice them so the knowledge is retained.

ENGAGING: safeTALK is a dynamic training that incorporates presentations and audiovisuals. It invites participants to become more alert to the possibility of suicide and how to prevent it.

TRUSTED: More than 50,000 people attend safeTALK each year. safeTALK is used in over 20 countries worldwide, and many communities, organizations, and agencies have made it a core training program.

PROVEN: Studies show that safeTALK participants feel more confident asking people about suicide, connecting them with life-saving resources, and keeping them safe until those resources can take over.

You can also learn more at the Living Works website.